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Four major trends forecast of the world machinery manufacturing industry

“World Machinery Manufacturing covers household appliances, auto parts, plant equipment and construction machinery and many other areas, and its annual production value of up to 1 trillion U.S. dollars. According to expert analysis, and machine development in the future, there are four important trends will have a significant impact on its. ”

    First, the mechanical manufacturing technology integration

    In many areas of mechanical manufacturing, electronic control and software technology has become important with mechanical engineering. Bach of Germany the first cell machinery manufacturing company is the world’s largest glass factory for large-scale production of glass processing systems company, is currently the company’s software control devices, electronic mechanical device occupies its output of 1 / 3.
    Second, the machinery manufacturing services thinking

    From the elevator to all areas of the factory equipment, the manufacturer’s profit is no longer producing products for a fixed size, but requires manufacturers to produce products according to user’s requirements to meet the user’s individual special needs. In addition, through the maintenance or service enterprises to increase the value and promote the development of production services.
    Third, global product development, machinery manufacturing

    Enterprise product development, not in the Zijin’s behind closed doors, but for the open public platform and social resources. As the largest U.S. appliance maker Whirlpool of 2,000 engineers by the global product development team was reorganized to brainstorming to develop new products and shorten the development time for certain products.
    Fourth, machinery manufacturing production strategy update

    Printing machinery, etc., including a number of industries, machinery manufacturers in the automotive industry to borrow the idea of the different products into different markets, built on the same basic engineering structure, and then later in the manufacturing process design modifications, such the product can adapt to specific customer groups.

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