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ChipMOS Technology: China machine tool manufacturing business model

When a reporter noted that Fujian MRT Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as MRT Technology) was awarded “China’s industrial pioneers demonstration unit” title went to the company interview, the Ten Outstanding Young Chinese industry, Fujian MRT Technology Co, told reporters Hong Qingde , the company started in 2011 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park, voted to build the second phase 20,000 square meters plant and put 50 million yuan to purchase large-scale processing, machine tools, machine tool automation for the future has taken a solid step forward. In the “Western Shore Economic Zone Development Plan” was formally promulgated by the State Council on the occasion, Ang Mo Kio technology and new strategic goals into effect.

ChipMOS Technology is located in the West Coast Economic Zone, the home of national hero Zheng Chenggong – Nanan City, is a research and development, production, sales and service for one to the precision compound machine tools, CNC machine tools as the leading private manufacturers. Products are mainly used in automotive, marine, aerospace, metallurgy molds, machinery, hardware accessories, valves and other sanitary industries. Since its inception in 1994, adhering to the “serious, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative” spirit, follow the “industry standard machinery and equipment, strict manufacturing processes” principle, has set up in South America Machinery Co., Ltd. of Fujian, Fujian MRT Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Hongmei Electrical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary enterprises have been expanding.

Ang Mo Kio technology to “revitalize national industry, to promote technological development” as its mission to “first-class enterprises, tree industry standard” for the grand goal, develops, manufactures first-class CNC machine tools. In the restructuring and upgrading of machinery manufacturing industry is facing today, as the domestic R & D, manufacturing complex machines enterprises – ChipMOS Technologies (South machinery), the situation and started by the “production” to “service-based” jump shift .

The first breakthrough in the domestic machine tool CNC composite core technology products

Fujian bathroom industry leader in the domestic counterparts, industry is mainly concentrated in the South and Xiamen, the two companies complement each other, promote each other, the foreign hand. Nanan City, Fujian, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, as identified industrial clusters in China and one of the three bathroom, bathroom plumbing this year proposed to build billion dollar value of the target. Fujian bathroom plumbing industry into the billion industry, “club” is inseparable from the bathroom plumbing equipment manufacturing industry to grow and develop. Ang Mo Kio Nanan City sanitary plumbing technology is outstanding equipment manufacturing enterprises, bathroom plumbing and equipment from the production started to become a professional manufacturer in China today a model of machine tool enterprises, through a firmly independent innovation, adhere to the technical reform road.

Hong Qingde said that the plumbing industry to flourish Nanan, Fujian, bathroom plumbing to the equipment manufacturing industry has been engaged in machinery manufacturing base. For the love of the machinery manufacturing industry and interest, and the plumbing industry, the rapid development of MRT technology chosen to focus on design and manufacture of all industries of the compound machine tool of development.

“In the process of business start-the beginning we have experienced no good processing, machine tools, development, production and the problem of insufficient power, but from a macro perspective, as the country’s economic development, machine tool equipment is upstream of the industrial manufacturing industry, have a large market demand. in the market recognition, we are more determined focus on the determination in the machinery manufacturing industry, and further introduce professionals to provide users with more efficient machine tool products and excellent service. ”
ChipMOS Technology since it was founded in 1994 based on independent innovation. In 1995, the company successfully developed China’s first set of three sides SMTG-50 attack machine, which MRT technology industry are of great significance as well.

Hong Qingde told reporters that with the country’s rapid economic development, sanitary ware industry has shown a rapid development momentum, tee pipe fittings, water meters, etc. need to coordinate the direction of processing. Batch processing for the needs of these products, if the workpiece in a fixture can also be completed in three directions after the end milling, reaming, chamfering, tapping, and all other processes, can significantly improve the processing efficiency of these products to ensure that the three products directions of the machining accuracy.

The first set of three sides SMTG-50 attack machine was successfully developed to become the bathroom plumbing and hardware products, production equipment, the best processing equipment, especially the production and processing of Tee-fitting, water meter parts to better show its high efficiency, then bathroom plumbing industry has been welcomed by manufacturers, made a lot of market share, while the domestic machine tool to fill the gaps. “Efficient, energy-saving equipment is our business direction and the whole machine tool industry, which are more determined the direction of innovation, research and development for the future of our business direction and development of intelligent devices to the production has played a very crucial role.”

In the July 15, 2010 at the Shanghai East International Machine Tools Expo, MRT Technology (South Machinery) has introduced two new models: 54-axis control 4-axis of the wheel drum HVK0350-11W CNC milling Multi-Position complex machine and MK7950 / 2 NC complex surface grinder. Both machines exhibited it caused a great concern the industry.

It is reported that Ang Mo Kio new technology developed in these two HOM brand of CNC machine tools can be used in complex automotive parts, bathroom plumbing, hardware devices, such as batch processing of high precision equipment. HVK03 series multi-position wheel drum CNC milling center, the machine can achieve up to 54-axis control 4-axis, with 2-axis CNC 3-axis spindle control unit 18, equipped with 2 ~ 3 X / Y axis CNC sliding 6 to 24 knife sets library implementation of 4-axis, high repeat positioning accuracy, and set the 8-station CNC turret table, clamping eight parts simultaneously turning, boring, milling, drilling, tapping, and other processing. High efficiency, compact structure, small footprint, and optional fully automatic robot. The MK79 Series CNC surface grinding compound, you can achieve the 7 axis 3 linkage, X / Y / Z axis closed loop control, to achieve flat grinding, surface grinding and non-spherical parts, X/Z1/Y1 axis angle can be achieved, steps surface grinding and so on. X-axis hydraulic drive plus grating feedback, and drive speed 0.01 ~ 35m. Carrying heavy, high repeat positioning accuracy. Built-in liquid cooling spindle spindle, heavy intermittent load. Servo-hydraulic system adopts imported frequency control, low energy consumption, small space. It can be used in molds, machine tools, aerospace components and other high-precision grinding products. This marks the successful development of two devices MRT technology and equipment manufacturing of precision CNC machine tools has entered a new starting point.

Hong Qingde said, by improving the capability of independent innovation and promoting the development of high-tech innovations as the main starting point, the machine tool and equipment industry in response to national development plans and direction, the introduction of absorbing international advanced machine tools and equipment to be re-innovation, Ang Mo Kio is out of a science and technology their own road of independent innovation.

ChipMOS Technology of machine tools from around the world by participating in development, research and development a large number of machine tools and proprietary components, products for improving the overall level of market demand and core competitiveness. At the same time set up services at home and abroad, to provide customers with professional technical support services, to get the market and user acceptance. As far as possible from the pre-sale users to analyze, select the appropriate models, improve user productivity, from a “manufacturing” to “Wise made” Evolution of sublimation.

Hong Qingde told reporters that the current large-scale complex turning and milling centers, composite processing equipment has been monopolized by foreign enterprises, while the domestic market is very tight, not only from the high price of foreign imports, supply a long period, often by foreign high-tech products export barriers limit It is such factors in the Ang Mo Kio committed to the development of sophisticated science and technology complex machine tools, continue to adjust product structure, the scale of the formation of industrial CNC machine tools. Compared to similar foreign equipment, technology, cost-effective Ang Mo Kio, more favored by domestic users use.

Hong Qingde told reporters: “We were the first breakthrough in the domestic machine tools CNC composite core technology, the current level composite machine Quanzhou R & D center located in the company, the composite machine drafting technical standards.’s Equipment reflected in the rapid and efficient cause are of great concern in the industry and the general industry customers. Lida Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. (Asia’s largest production base angle valve) purchased from us once the HVK03 series of 15 multi-position wheel drum CNC Milling Center , to produce angle valve products to two million, truly a smart and efficient. This is the company’s products overall advantage. ”
Composite processing industry the most powerful machine tool manufacturers

ChipMOS Technology around the “build first-class manufacturing companies, shape the industry well-known brand” development strategy, formulated and implemented the “development of advanced technologies, to seize the competitive high ground, shaping the industry well-known brand” product development goals, continuous improvement and innovation embodied in the brand value , which will “HOM” brand one step to the world.

According to reports, in recent years, Ang Mo Kio adhere to independent innovation, technology development, in Xiamen, set up their own “R & D Center” and “Enterprise Technology Center”, the current independent research and development every year or two dozens of machine tools, 90% to domestic outside the advanced level. Machine tool industry at home and abroad in close high-end technology, the development trend of senior technical personnel, businesses, following the establishment of the 2010 R & D center in Xiamen, and recently started to build R & D center in Xi’an. It is reported that this year the company has 50 years of European history, a complex machine tool technology company formed strategic partnership, and invested heavily to introduce more than Japan, Europe, CNC horizontal machining center, five-sided machining center, machine intelligence to enhance productivity of the company. Today, the MRT as the leading technology to automate the product of Europe’s most cutting-edge technology and close cooperation between machine tool technology, with a similar business with any foreign power on the same stage and level of competition. CNC machine tools in the development of complex, Ang Mo Kio technology not only over the years has been dominated by the domestic like product more than 80% market share, but has to have complete independent intellectual property rights, with international advanced level, “the drum wheel CNC milling machine multi-station vehicle complex machine, CNC surface grinding machine complex “and other products successfully into the Middle East, Russia, Southeast Asia and Brazil, markets, products sold to more than 20 countries and regions. Last year, auto parts manufacturing enterprises, sanitary valve industry is well developed multi-position wheel drum CNC milling machine tool, is created every 10 seconds to complete a production of metal parts, which can process more than a dozen at the production date record of similar products industry, a national major science and technology demonstration projects.

ChipMOS Technology careful planning, in progress in the present connotation of the brand. According to “shape the industry well-known brand” needs, in 2006 enterprises of the “brand identity” for the re-refining distillation, introduced at home and abroad “HOM” brand. “HOM” is not just a simple three-letter or symbol, her show is ChipMOS Technology’s wisdom, sincerity and pursuit. “HOM” — both the MRT technology referred to as “ChipMOS” Hanyu Pinyin and harmonics, but also corporate philosophy highefficiency (high) originality (self, original) machinery (machine) the first letter abbreviation; HOM ideas and enterprise Corporate Identity organic melt as a whole, given the “carry forward the dedication and solidarity spirit of cooperation, continue to exceed the insatiable pursuit of innovation, mind and society, the sense of responsibility bearing in mind the business mission,” the profound meaning. This year, a corporate customer to visit the Middle East, after learning that “HOM” the real content later, he excitedly said: “I found the ‘HOM’ to the rapid development in recent years, the real mystery, it is not only the ‘HOM’ of product is good, more importantly, ‘cooperation, innovation, efficiency, responsibility’ corporate philosophy has been melting in the ‘HOM’ mind of every employee. ”

Perseverance, in the exchange expand the brand. Over the years, Ang Mo Kio technology continues to develop the international market, insist on an annual large-scale exhibition of foreign organizations, business users and high-level visits frequently led to participate in domestic and international machine tool exhibition, widely publicized business. In the July 15, 2010 at the Shanghai East International Machine Tools Expo, Ang Mo Kio 54 axis control technology introduced 4-axis of the wheel drum HVK0350-11W Multi-Position NC milling machine and MK7950 / 2 NC composite plane grinder, a display industry has elicited great concern. ChipMOS Technologies awarded in 2009 the Chinese equipment manufacturing industry, “the annual growth of most enterprises,” the title of the award ceremony, the China Machine Tool Industry Association, honorary chairman, the former Ministry of Machinery Industry Machine Tool Industry Training Secretary and Chief Engineer of beam Du technology independent of Ang Mo Kio developed “multi-station CNC wheel drum cars milling complex machine” gave a high evaluation to the machine tool industry from more than 300 domestic and international high-end industry insiders from Fujian, “HOM” NC Multi-position vehicle wheel drum milling complex machine. When they heard of science and technology developed by MRT, with international advanced level of CNC multi-station vehicle wheel drum milling complex machine, to create such a high processing efficiency, was surprised with admiration, have said must have the opportunity to go to Ang Mo Kio Technology look. After years of effort, Ang Mo Kio technology’s influence in the domestic market rising, the majority of users as the most powerful processing industry “composite machine tool equipment manufacturers.”

The earlier start as a machine tool manufacturing company (founded in 1994), Ang Mo Kio technology always walk in the forefront of the industry, both in product quality or brand image and customer loyalty enjoyed a high reputation both The company in the industry took the lead through the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001: 1999 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification; has been “recommended building materials machinery manufacturing enterprises”, “national high-tech Enterprise “,” Fujian Province “,” Fujian Famous Brand “,” Fujian Province customer satisfaction “,” honest high quality unit “,” Credible Enterprise “and so on.

Encourage enterprises to the industry leading goal

Hong Qingde said that enterprises on the one hand for national development and make more contributions to the revitalization of the industry and, more from the overall situation of building a harmonious society, so that people fully enjoy the benefits brought by reform and development. Ang Mo Kio technology staff wages over recent years at an annual rate of increase of 15%; unique corporate culture, science and technology to the enterprise youthful glow MRT staff spirit to make progress. In continuously enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, domestic and foreign customers to pour in, when will this MRT technology on the basis of sustained and rapid development, ushering in a greater development opportunities, business from top to bottom are full steam ahead, in a “first-class enterprises, tree industry standard “great strides towards the goal.

It is reported that in recent years, Ang Mo Kio technology to “create a first-class manufacturing companies, shape the industry well-known brand” as a shared vision, strengthen the ideological work staff do everything possible to mobilize and bring into play the initiative of workers, and strive to create excellent brand culture, management culture and people the culture, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, encourage enterprises to achieve sound and rapid development.

ChipMOS Technology people to realize that although the market economy, to achieve greater development of enterprises, promotion of market mechanisms can not be separated, can not do without economic means to stimulate … … But all this can not do without people! Must have a strong style of thinking, to fight tough battles, good tough fight, the courage to tackling the staff! It is based on this understanding, a good many years MRT technology enterprise technology reform and development on the one hand, employees with one hand and a good ideological work, to play a fundamental human mobility and initiative.

Ang Mo Kio internal management of technology innovation to achieve the organic integration of culture and management, established a highly efficient enterprise operation and management mechanism for the enterprises to the world and laid a solid foundation. Internal branches, trade unions sound system, work to run well. Sound organizational system for enterprise employees ideological work carried out and laid a solid foundation. The actual production work with various departments, employees do a good job and ideological work, to help employees address specific difficulties and problems. Staff intensive ideological work for the enterprise adds tremendous power development, and promote business at an annual rate of more than 30% of sustainable development.

ChipMOS Technology Update Staff concept, strengthen the system construction. Around the “first-class enterprises, tree industry standard,” the goal, including the full implementation of the concept of enterprise system innovation, including innovation and management innovation culture, organizations, “the market does not say no,” “do not speak any excuse, one to work well” such meeting, to motivate employees to break the existing mindset. At the same time by continuously improving enterprise management system regulate employee behavior, the staff in the implementation of the system in the growing sense of cultural identity, formed according to the system really work, rely on the system constraint mechanism of human behavior.

At the same time promoting the process optimization, focusing on organizations. 2009 combined with business process optimization and recycling, Ang Mo Kio technology to adjust the original organizational structure of enterprises manufacturing, technology development, human resources, quality assurance system for a comprehensive recycling. And organizations through process optimization and recycling system, greatly enhance the efficiency of enterprises, focusing on product R & D increased by 30% of the production cycle.

Ang Mo Kio build talent-channel technology, improve personnel development, focusing on improving access all kinds of people to grow and competition incentives. From 2011 onwards, R & D personnel in the implementation of Employment for Director (Deputy Director) engineer the system, selected after evaluation of the technical staff employed as a director (deputy director) engineers, mid-level executive leadership to enjoy the treatment. The implementation of these systems, in order to access all kinds of talents paved the talent to meet the staff needs to realize their own inherent value.

Amateur rich cultural activities to enhance meaning. According to staff of different levels of needs, corporate well-planned, and organized various training, sports and entertainment activities, so that the majority of employees to accept the participation in the subtle influence of corporate values ​​and enhance the work of the initiative. Intensive training to enable employees to learn to become conscious action. Advocacy staff in learning to work, learn on the job. A typical set, let A Good etched in the staff heart. Enterprises to carry out an annual “loyalty staff, excellent staff” contest, to carry out work skills contest, the “first-rate performance, striving to be excellent employees,” the idea into the minds of each MRT’s technology.

Hong Qingde always said: “The corporate culture should be people-oriented management philosophy, and actively explore the corporate culture of law, building compliance needs of the times, in line with the modern enterprise system needs, in line with corporate individual needs of the cultural system, is the best corporate culture. Enterprise Culture performance of entrepreneurial culture in large part, is the sublimation of the concept of entrepreneurial management, entrepreneurs, advocates of corporate culture, the founder, promoter, not only personal beliefs ahead of the others, more importantly, can ideas into leading enterprise philosophy, the corporate culture as a strategic, long-term work, which is a huge, complex systems engineering, and never imagined overnight, to establish the concept of fighting a protracted war. ”

“The company is still a developing enterprise. Innovation is the key to the company’s survival. The next 5 to 10 years to upgrade the industry group, Ang Mo Kio technology will always focus on tools and equipment to the industry as the life of source, Taiwanese people love to play fight, Ganpin the entrepreneurial spirit as the first driver. Looking ahead, the MRT technology will adhere to the tree of industry standards, the first class enterprise for the goal, through continuous innovation to improve products, service quality, as provide customers with more efficient, energy-saving equipment, machine tool industry in China showed the more complex the equipment light sword. ”

Manufacturing is engaged in a variety of power machinery, hoisting and conveying machinery, metal processing machinery, mining machinery, chemical machinery, textile machinery, machine tools, tools, instruments, meters and other mechanical equipment, the production of industrial sectors. Any mechanical products according to traditional custom can be seen as composed by a number of parts, components can be divided into different levels of sub-components (also known as sub-components or components) until the most basic parts unit. Hong Qingde this view, as the earliest research and development, manufacturing complex machines of the backbone enterprises in the MRT technology, as a profound sense of social responsibility of enterprises, Ang Mo Kio willing to existing technology resources and social enterprise peer sharing, and have knowledge who form a community of interests, mechanisms for the formation of mutual help, hand in hand, to achieve “win-win” development. Ang Mo Kio technology development process that firms are not only dedication to the community a few simple tools and equipment products, but in the constant dedication to innovation and excellence in the practice of a reform idea, a spirit of adventure and a sense of the times of the modern enterprise .

We believe that the MRT technology on the road in the future will be farther and farther, farther and better, closer and brilliant.

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